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You film. We cut your video!

Filming is your part. We will  take over the work for you - we make the best of your raw footage into a cool, amazing clip! Don’t waste your time with complicated cutting apps! Let us work for you and impress your friends with a professional video clip!

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Memories in cinematic look! You will be amazed!

The wonderful hiking tour, your unforgettable ski day or your last holiday - no matter what you filmed, we create a genius video clip, exactly according to your wishes. Here are some examples:

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Perfectly coordinated & everything included!

Everyone makes videos today - with the smartphone, the GoPro or a DSLR camera. But what will become of all the raw footage? We make an impressive short clip from the highlights of your video material! 

Geld sparen

Schon ab 49€ bekommst du einen coolen Videoclip nach deinen Wünschen!

Zeit sparen

Vergeude keine wertvolle Zeit mit Cutting Apps oder Videobearbeitung.


Unsere Profi-Cutter wissen wie es geht. Der fertige Clip wird es dir zeigen.

Unkompliziert & Easy

Unser Upload erlaubt dir bequem das Hochladen via PC oder Smartphone.


Mit Filter, Effekte & Korrekturen machen wir deinen Clip noch besser.


Du kannst den Background Song für deinen Videoclip selbst wählen.

Save money

From €49 you get a cool video clip according to your wishes!

Save time

Do not waste precious time with cutting apps or video editing.

Best quality

Our professional cutters know how to do it. Max. 5 days and your clip is ready.

Simple & uncomplicated

You can upload your stuff conveniently via PC or smartphone.

Special effects

With filters, effects & corrections we make your clip even better.


You can choose the Background Song for your clip by yourself.

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